Friday, 27 January 2012

First night off!

So tomorrow night is a very very big night in our household!  ....Its going to be the first night I spend away from my baby girl since I bought her home.  i know it is not going to be anywhere near as heart braking  as it was having to leave my tiny little premmie babe in hospital for those agonising 11 days, but still, it's a big deal for me now. 
Where are we off to i hear you ask....we are have a great day/night planned. We are heading into the big smoke for a touch of shopping and night a grand hotel, oh yeah and for a WEDDING at the AQUARIUM! 
Right now I am so excited about having the night off mummy duties, but at the same time I'm worried that I'm going fret too much to be able to enjoy my time off! 
After all this is what i'll miss seeing....yes i know i see it every night but it still melts my heart every single time!

My other concern for the evening is that she isn't going to notice that i'm not around and wont miss that weird??  In saying that though i am really hoping she is nice and easy for my mum and just eats her tea and goes to bed without a fuss.
I guess we won't know until sunday morning when we come home, lets hope I'm not braking the door down at 6am! hahaha  

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Party Planning

I am currently in the midst of planning my first ever kids birthday party!   ARRRHHH where do i start.............
Since my beautiful babe was born i've been looking forward to being able to throw her a beautiful 1st birthday celebration....well ok maybe i've been looking forward to this for a while longer than that. In my mind the theme of the party has changed 101 times, its gone from not really having a theme to being a mermaid theme, to a wot wots theme, back to a mermaid theme, to an under the sea theme and so on. till one night while trolling party supply websites i came across some simple and very cute 1st birthday invites...i fell in love with them and then the theme was set....
da da da daaaa HOT AIR BALLOONS!  yes random but its going to be so cute, well we hope so anyway.  So invites done.....whats next??? 
ahhh yes the cake....again while doing a bit of research on the web i stumbled across a cake that is exactly the image on the invites.....perfect!  i quickly got the number of a great cake lady from my sister and i felt that everything was coming together! Then my beautiful bestie had her little girls 2nd birthday party and made an AMAZING cake...and the pressure went on from my mum....'if bestie can do it, you can too, it's nicer to be able to say you did it yourself' this from the women who never made our birthday cakes! but the mummy guilt started to creep in...i chose to ignore it and still go ahead with ordering the cake to be made. until.... while doing the weekly supermarket shop i saw a small box of 'white icing' in the baking isle. for some reason i put it in the trolley and within the next couple of hours i found myself baking a cake and having a play around with the icing...this all of a sudden it turned into a trail run of the birthday cake. through-out this whole afternoon of baking and decorating i was still telling myself that i was just having a play around to see what it might look like, but i would still order the cake for the party. well once the cake was completed the pressure really come on from my mum, bestie, husbandito and my online angels (my mums group), i was hearing lots of 'don't pay for something you can do yourself'. well i've caved into peer pressure and now have all the supplies for the cake sitting in the pantry, waiting for me. my obsessive and perfectionist personality has totally taken over and i must admitted to having had a 'play around' with the icing decorations more than once since. this has also fuelled my online shopping addiction as i really really really needed to get new food colourings, and decorating tools!  
Let's not even get start on the actual party decorations! I've spent days sewing meters and meters of bunting, have a pile of balloons sitting in the cupboard and all sorts of other bits and bobs ready to go...which will be a whole other blog in it's self!
All in all i'm finding it to be a mix of me loving ever moment of it and that of mad crazy 'why the hell am i doing this to myself' stress.  
but we all know i love it.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


In August last year husbandito and I decided we would take the plunge and try our luck at becoming a Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) family.
Now lets go right back to the start....... I must admit when we first got together over 4 years ago and he told me that it was his dream to work in a mine in the middle of nowhere, I was a little like 'yeah right that will never happen on my watch' about the whole thing....ok ok i was a lot like that!  But after 4 years of hearing about it, and weight up the hundreds of pro's next the hundreds of con's I finally one day cracked. It was not long after husbandito had had ankle surgery and was on light duties at his work, hating life, and complaining about wanting more from his job, and more for our financial security. Our conversation went something a long the lines like this.
HUSBAND: blah blah blah I wish I could go and work in the mines and make better money blah blah
ME: GOD shut up about it and do something about it then and apply for some jobs.
And just like that ours lives changed!...Within a week for him putting a profile up on seek, he had over 10 calls of interest and 3 job offers...and 4 weeks later we were having a very teary and emotional farewell at the airport.    
4 months on, I can really see it has been one of the greatest decisions we have made for our family, and so far it is going really well. I'm not going to tell you all that it easy and wonderful, because it is dam hard at times. But it is definitely going to be worthwhile for us in long run.  We spend 2 weeks apart and then a week together. We have many phone calls and Skype chats while he is away, and towards the end of his swing (shift) there is usually some tears from me and a few 'i can't wait for you to be able to change her nappy' comments thrown into our conversations.  At the moment he has taken a whole swing off which means we get to have a whole month off together...which is just bliss.
It's still early days for us in our FIFO life, and i guess time will tell just how great it all really is.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Another day, another pool party

summer 2012 will most definitely be known as the summer of the 'pool party' with our little family!
a pool party at our house has 3 main ingredients:    
the small pink plastic 'little mermaid' pool, that Santa was kind enough to leave Noosh for christmas.

a nice big umbrella for shade
and watermelon!  

throw in some tunes coming from the iPod and we are all set for a fantastic day.  when we started having our daily (or at least when it is actually warm here) pool parties I wasn't so sure how Lala would go being forced to sit in a wading pool full of luke warm water...will she just sit there like a stunned mullet??...will she hate it, cry and throw a tantie??...Well she loves it, and the majority of the time the tantrum comes when its time to go inside for a nap. There is lots of splashing, and loads of dancing, as well as our healthy snack of watermelon. It's such a beautiful thing to watch my baby girl having so much  fun with the water and enjoying her first Australian summer. 

So our pool parties are nothing flash, but it's keeping us all happy, entertained and cool, and after all that's all I could hope for this summer!   

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Needing our naps back

How is it, that just when you think you have figured out your babies routine, all hell brakes loose, everything you thought you knew gets thrown out the window and you are left wondering what happened?  This is what happen to us this week....We had finally gotten Lala to settle into actually having decent afternoon naps and for the first time in 11 months I actually had some free time in the afternoons. Then boom she spent three days crying, and not just crying but CRYING!!! Gaaaaaaaa......So it turns out we had a sick little possum on our hands, temperature and then a nice rash to follow. This was bitter-sweet, on one hand you NEVER want your baby to be sick, and me being the biggest hypochondriac i know really NEVER EVER wants her to be sick, but it means that once she is better she will happily go back to having her nice long afternoon sleeps! Right???
Well today she is still rashy, but proving my theory right, that the afternoon nap is back in vogue now she is feeling somewhat better...fingers crossed this last, it gives me much more time to bake and sew..things you will all soon learn i LOVE.