Tuesday, 20 March 2012

home sweet home

not long now until the block of land we are buying settles and it is officially all ours! two weeks to be exact.  but even more exciting is that this means that our first home will be being built in the very very near future.  not even two months ago we were just starting toy with the idea of actually taking the plunge and buying a established house, now we are literately about a month off starting to watch our home be built. it all seemed to happen in a whirlwind when husbandito came home for a month brake, we thought we would start by having chat with an aussie home loans broker, which lead to us applying for a pre approval , that meant we could start having a look around, which turned into making a few phones calls. then all of a sudden on a thursday afternoon we were meeting with a lady from  a big building company, and by saturday morning we were signing on with them and signing our paper work for our very own 950sq meters of australia. it all happened so very fast, but it also so easily, and smooth that it all just felt so right!. 

last week we spent the day at 'gallery' picking out all the colours for tiles, carpet, benches, bricks, and more. it was the first step in actually feeling like we are making a home for our family. as much fun as it was it was also so draining, we were being asked hundreds of questions about what we wanted, and a lot of the time we had no idea that we had to even think about what shape we wanted this, and what colour we wanted that. I had only really thought about my new kitchen in detail, and hadn't really given things like the mortar or whether i cared if you could see the pipe from the toilet a thought.  I guess we are a very lucky couple though and have almost identical tastes in colours, because the colour selection was a breeze, everything i liked so did husbandito, and vice verser. I really didn't have an opinion about the bricks and colour bond roof colours, and i knew husbandito had thought more about it so i just let him pick our outside colours, what a good wife i am. our electrical consult was also easy, but probably the most expensive part of the day, it amazing how they know that you will need power points in a certain part of the house so they don't put them in as standard so you have to put extras in which cost you an arm and a leg, but on well, what are you going to do??
i was actually very surprised that the hardest decision we had to make on the day was whether  we wanted to have a round basin and bath in the bathroom or a square one...yep the tough life decisions!    

some of the colours we chose for our new home
So now i've loaded myself up with house magazines and started planning the decorating side of things.  I'm an absolute lover of having vision boards so i'm dying to get the scissors out and start cutting and pasting all these beautiful pictures i am finding! fun and i'm sure frustrating times are ahead!!!   

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street??

Melbourne had some very special visitors last week....Elmo and the gang from sesame street!  it was a very exciting time for me, as i love love love the theatre and was so thrilled to be able to introduce this love to my baby girl. yes i know that 1 is a very early start but i just really could not resist it when tickets went on sale a few months ago.  of course by the time that the 'elmos world tour' concert came around, nooshie had hit the age where she is scared of absolutely everything. this stage literally hit the week prior to the concert ...perfect timing!
the morning arrived and because nooshie, bless her, is such a great sleeper I had to wake her up at 7:30am (at least an hour early) which did not go down well at all. we then had a mad rush to have brekkie, get ready, and jump in the car by 8:15am! we arrived to a buzzing princess theatre with excited babies, toddlers, kids, parents and grandmas everywhere! nooshie instantly started pointing at all the kids and squealing, it was delightful to watch just how much she was enjoying the atmosphere.  

giving Elmo a bit of love before the show
Elmo's World Tour begins
we went and took our seats, nooshie instantly started bopping along to the music playing and hugging her new elmo doll, the lights went down, the crowd started to cheer, nooshies lip dropped and the tears started to flow. a bit of cuddle and comfort from mumma and she settled down, then the worst possible thing happened.... cookie monster spoke. all hell broke loose, screaming, trying to climb up and over both me and husbandito, while still clinging onto my top.  once again we managed to claim her down enough for her to almost enjoy abby cadabby and big bird. intermission started and nooshie's mood picked right up and she was bopping to the music and pointing at all the kids again...at this point i started to feel bad that we were only half way through the show and and she was going to have to injure seeing the cookie monster again.  
well the second half went a lot better, she was very interested in what was happing on the stage and almost cracked a smile! she only needed a little cuddle here and there when cookie monster would get a little loud. 
Mumma, Nooshie & Elmo
needing a cuddle from daddy
so all in all it was a fun experience for our family, nooshie slept the whole way home and had a big afternoon nap too. she didn't seem to have any cookie monster nightmares, and although she reaches out to hold my hand when he come on the tv, she doesn't seem to be traumatised by seeing these life sized monsters signing and dancing.  and i just can't wait to take her to show again next year!   
watching intently 

Friday, 9 March 2012

Afternoon Tea

gotta love some betty crocker action on a saturday afternoon...cheack out these yummy goodies.